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A Winning Formula for Hotel Property Investment

The Midas Capital multi-disciplinary team has delivered impressive returns with lower downside risk for its investment partners.

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Fund Overview

Acquisitions and Development in Underserved Markets

Our fund management team has 90-plus years of combined executive management expertise, and has built a strong performance track record with zero losses since 2006.

Our team has developed approximately $500 million of hotel real estate since its inception, focusing primarily on the Marriott, Hilton and IHG brands. Using strict investment criteria, Midas Capital has established a robust acquisition platform focused on acquiring hotels in growing markets that have a significant operational upside. In addition, our management takes a conservative approach to leverage to mitigate portfolio risk; targeting an LTV of approximately 65%.

Core Investment Principles

Asymmetrical Risk

The Midas Capital management team does not invest in deals that have a binary outcome and places a high value on downside protection and capital preservation.

Exclusive Access

Our expertise and unique approach to off-market deal flow provides investors insider-access to premium brands in attractive growth markets.


We are prudent not to invest too much capital into any one project, while the investment strategy offers diversification across geographic locations.

Appealing Properties

We focus on upscale and upper-midscale select service, extended stay and focused full-service hotels, where efficient operations yield higher margins.

Proven Market Expertise

Midas Capital Executives and Co-Founders have decades of on-the-ground hospitality asset and property management experience. Operational expertise allows the investment team to execute a “buy and fix” strategy, delivering significant top-line operational improvement and increased flow-through to the bottom line.

IRR on Acquisitions
IRR on Development
Targeting attractive properties
in the Midwest/Southeast
Zero Loss Track record
*Historic performance of Midas Hospitality. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Partnering with Premium Brands.

Meet The Team

Delivering hospitality & results to build relationships

J.T. Norville
Managing Member & Co-Founder
As co-founder and managing member of Midas Hospitality, J.T. has been successful in obtaining financing and equity funding for multiple new development projects and asset acquisitions. J.T. has more than 16 years of hospitality experience and previously served as Midas Hospitality’s Chief Financial Officer
David Robert
 Managing Member & Co-Founder
As co-founder and managing member of Midas Hospitality, David serves as the Chief Executive Officer, leads the pre-opening process for new projects and asset developments, and is responsible for sourcing new investments. David has more than 35 years of hospitality experience and worked for leading brands including Intercontinental Hotel Group.
Eric Goettelmann
Director - Investments
Eric brings over ten years of finance and accounting experience to Midas Capital and is responsible for managing equity raises and overseeing the investor relations. Additionally, he is responsible for leading projects and corporate financing initiatives; including modeling and underwriting, deal structuring, debt procurement, debt management, forecasting and performance analysis.
Josh Burrell
Director - Investments
Josh joined Midas Capital with over 10 years of investment advisory, capital markets and acquisition work. In the role of Director – Investments he is responsible for strategy development, acquisition due diligence and sector research. Josh is a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts and a member of the CFA Institute.

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