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Midas Hotel Fund

Core-Plus, Light-Value Add

The Midas Hotel Fund seeks to invest in well-positioned hotels with multiple demand generators (“Core-Plus”), existing cash flows with minimal capital improvements needed, targeting the top 150 MSAs throughout the Midwest and Southern regions. Additionally, up to 25% of the fund may invest in development opportunities with strong potential for enhanced yields (“Light, Value-Add”.)
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Our goal is to provide stable and attractive income distributions from existing operations and appreciated equity values upon sale.

Uncovering the right hotel opportunities

Midas excels at discovering and recognizing opportunity, which is both an art and a science. Targeting high growth locations and assets with significant upside potential, we focus on acquiring select-service, extended stay and focused-full service hotels located in sub-markets with high barriers to entry and multiple demand generators – at an attractive price.
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Hotel investors harvest the benefits of superior tax benefits and greater diversification vs. other commercial real estate investments.

Our Geographic Focus

Our hotel properties are located across America’s heartland -- markets and regions that demonstrate stability, job growth and innovation. These areas rank in most top-25 lists and are ripe for the type of high performance hotel assets that we seek. They have robust ecosystems and have Fortune 500 companies across science, medical and technology along with educational institutions and entertainment venues. They are low in volatility and high in returns. Just like the Midas Hotel Fund.
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Midas Opportunity Zone Fund

Opportunistic Fund Profile

Qualified Opportunity Zone Development – The Midas Opportunity Zone Fund seeks to develop hotels in qualified opportunity zones, targeting the Cortex Innovation and Prospect Yard communities in St. Louis, Missouri. The fund is structured to provide investors additional tax benefits as a result of the favorable treatment created in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
Our goal is to deliver a strong risk-adjusted return with an attractive net of tax multiple from pre-qualified development projects in Opportunity Zones.

Brand Power Matters

Midas Capital partners with award-winning hotel brands with strong brand values and reach. We have long-standing relationships with Marriott, Hilton, and IHG hotel groups. Brand power not only drives premier system standards, effective brand segmentation and strong loyalty programs, it also holds strong resale value and investor confidence. Currently, there are over 280 million members of hotel loyalty programs supporting consumer demand.

What to Expect

Guided by a rigourous 3-stage approach, Midas Capital selects from over 12,000 individual properties until only 10-15 are considered to be the right opportunity.
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A hotel portfolio from one of the nation’s leading hotel investors

Our investment success is based
on four distinct advantages

History and Relationships
Our history and relationships provide exclusive deal flow and insider access to great brands and locations.
Roots and Boots
With roots and boots on the ground in the desired regions we know the sub-market dynamics in order to harvest hotel assets at the right time in the right places.
Aligned Interests
Our interests are aligned at the outset as we support the investments with a financial commitment from the General Partner, personal debt-guarantees and an investor-first distribution structure.
Award-Winning Team
Our people have made us a “Top 35 Hotel Owner and Developer in the US” enabling us to acquire, develop, manage, grow and sell properties with peak performance.